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Why I Will Never Speak Ill of Green Energy Movement.

The main reason is abuses in the ocean by ocean oil rigs plus plastic garbage super tankers which can be followed for miles as they only go 8 mph. Then comes the dirty history of oil in wars and the Rockfeller antics in medicine also as vaccine pushers as polio was arsenic and mercury pesticides and overuse of DDT see Dr Suzanne Humphrey > veganism is another home run against the germ theory fraud as less infections colds & flus etc as veganism first benefit close to less sleep as 25 years of veganism shows > and later wars and the 3.5 million people destroyed in the terror bombing and the true history of Germany that finds world war 2 was banking and zionist power ( planned communist invasion of Western Europe ) over German imperialism which was mainly alliances. Although the bad parts of Germany was in the post 1943 fall. Oil was the balance tipper in world war and the Cold War was the result along with NATO that always lie before the bombs fall or the treasury is sacked for a futile war. Had the D day been delayed by a year German missiles would have closed the skies rendering the mostly civilian bombing.

The ” Right stuff .biz had a podcast on immigration and micro finance and the leaders in Africa and a NGO lender or micro finance was OPIC not OPEC andArabs from Saudi Arabia which nearly destroyed by billions along with CIA and M16 and frame up of Syria on chemical warfare see Syria girl on twitter and Vanessa Bealy on that and the Gulf kings also were complicit in the Arab spring which was a zionist secret war. The gulf states also were complicit in the Libya 2011 debacle. But one very high Saudi prince was in New York and said the Zionist did 911 and he was quickly sent home. Even the richest of Arabs can be righteous in an Islamic way. We now know radical islam is Wabii and was promoted from the top down with western intelligence agencies.

The alternative energy and batteries, solar and wind power plus tidal and micro turbines and wave power improve 5 to 8 % annually but oil and gas and ICE engines only improve 0.5 to 1 % a year. Even tracks and better concrete is improving for light and high speed rail likely 5 % along with graphene which can go into batteries, parts >Ford cars , concrete paints and solar. Plus various new steel making technology H 2 and Bill Gates which means Ontario steel mills can ditch US coking coal and cut costs in 10 years.

The oil and big car has enchanted the global south middle classes and the excess of cars is a major push of immigrants and refugees to the west as pollution and poverty causes refugeedom not just global bankers, Zionist war mongers or IsraelAid an Israeli NGO which financed mass migration and trained migrants to lie. It is not treacherous mining firms role although significant in some nations that push immigration by poverty.

The lack of passenger rail and urban mass transit at even the canadian level is a huge push of mass migration due to the export of global south currencies causing poverty. if the global south were started after 1945 not to have a car obsessed middle class or truck obsessed business community > Africa then the global south would be a net oil and gas exporter. The reason is Algeria, Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela, Indonesia and Mozambique are big exporters. The south also suffers from pollution and loss of skilled labour on car accidents which is a huge global south problem and also big in Canada. This skilled labour accident loss costs employers a fortune and explains why Europe has had much less poverty than USA along with less immigration as a low skill worker is 500 $ to hire a replacement in Canada and that is a few years old figure which excludes training. All the skilled labour costs much more when unexpectedly lost as only the biggest employers have the statistical and information and personnel systems to allow trading and recruitment to replace sudden skilled labour loss by accidents etc. This affects North American innovation which is why we should start the anti carbon with cargo and passenger trains and urban mass transit before we think of solar wind or battery cars..

Poverty in the south is caused by excessive auto use as not only oil or cars but technology is imported which is rarely discounted even when southern nations like Brazil make their own cars. Canada has that issue of foreign imports of car and refining technology with the south costing us dearly. In Canada roads are ruined by salt and winter and accidents by winter deer and moose which can kill or severely injure are not accounted when a wise transport policy analyst compares Canada ‘s transport to America. Yet USA has better passenger rail. Thus Canada’s economy would benefit from all agricultural zone cities between 30 000 attached to passenger rail assuming business labour loss is taxed on cars and the past cuts to road accidents victims is restored as in 90 % lost wages and pain and suffering compensation from 5 million paralyzed to 30 000 broken leg. That pain and suffering cutback which was treachery by the 1 % political power is huge. My mother in 1977 told me of a prosperous school teacher who drove without insurance when he caused an accident to a teenage girl he permanently messed up her face ruining marriage prospects ( wake up feminists ) he had to pay a sizeable cheque for decades causing himself mild poverty. That is the snippet of a just injury compensation system that also lowers costs to healthcare and brings environmental benefits and saves lives by culling or weeding out careless or negligent drivers. The drivers who remain actually pay less and find their own driving experience much better as it is good if remaining drivers like to drive when driving life is better by ridding the roads of the bad apples.

An Israeli


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