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Tire Micro Plastics Swiss Research Boosts Rail Fans And Mass Transit Case.

The research of the Swiss which has the worlds best transit system and passenger rail system which is linked to a policy choice of increasing life expectancy by reduction of traffic accidents. This has tremendous economic benefits as employers face high costs starting from 500 $ per hire in fast food and escalating by skill which is why government or state enterprises have their advantages over low wage abusive employers. The fact that Switzerland has best train passenger train system in the world and uses it for cargo will imply that in North America ‘s farm zones the rubber tire issue will be greater due to excess auto dependence which transfers wealth to car companies and big oil or subsidized batteries as a decade or so will be required for batteries and solar cars to unhorse the gasoline and diesel in being less impactful in the crucial first year of environmental costs. The vast resources of first year production in the car plus the ( auto and battery and charger subsidies ) subsidies which started in 1980 is not being placed into industrial strategies combined with the transport and environmental strategies combined with issues of animal rights and ocean health ( the 200 million cetaceans have our intelligence and their poop is vital for the plankton and O 2 production.

Combined with a transport system that was promised by Mulroney to be zero subsidy which of course was a broken promise ( Canada’s conservatives are a classic case of controlled opposition and liars and promise breakers and war criminals or war mongers and a war monger or advocate of foreign conflict is always a war criminal as history has proven all wars are banker or ZOG wars and yield no profit to the bulk of humanity. The Canadian transport system is more subsidized and takes more land and resources and electric car subsidies and old car subsidies are greater. Plus electric cars are a tax dodge for taxes needed to sustain the system. The nation can go to H2 cars where taxes are easier to collect and the high cost refineries which release cancer causing poisons and also cost multi billions and use large number of high cost trained professionals and are dippers into pipe fitters and plumbers and skilled labour deficit which has become a global shortage.

The cost of a fuel cell car is 60 000 but the production is Asia the shipping is 400 an old quote and likely is 600 $ now. The great thing about fuel cells is they clean the air and we have technology and the advances can use ammonia and CP rail is now working on heavy rail line locomotives for fuel cell and H 2. The H2 production can be localized and exploit surplus renewables where costs are falling and yet the fuel cells and cars and H2 have the ease of taxes. The nation also should try to cut off foreign imports of vehicles and use local cost hikes to kick start the move to mass transit. The use of VIA as a combined or co operative with the postal system and also should make the Amazon pay to access it. The nation should try to have a rational idea of where new stations are and create new lines 200 miles into aboriginal country and combine it with new museums and religious or catholic pilgrimages etc.


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