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When VIA Rail was almost cut in half | CBC Archives

The railways helped build Canada in the 19th century. More than 100 years later, train service for passengers started coming off the rails.
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Myth of Establishment’s Love Of The Coloured Or Third World Man.

The foul word of racism was invented by jewish controlled Soviets during the 1920’s while the jewish controlled by mob or gun man to banker to political establishment to secret police to officers while they slaughtered Russian Christians by the 1 000’s per day which Stalin felt the more he killed the better he felt then after 1946 he tried to be good. But due to the pre war 2 war mongering by Britain and USA the bad guy over time was less Soviet and more British American especially as the Soviet trade and subsidies extended or caused the great depression killing by poverty millions of Americans. The poverty as a murder form is seen by suicides and the ZOGanda now allows poverty as an assisted suicide excuse. Aboriginals and violent war service and poverty is the most common reason for suicide. The other aboriginal drink and other motive is isolation. Past cuts to VIA essentially by cutting services in rural areas as the maps show the closest and biggest losers were viola 1st nations or aboriginals or Canadian Indians. The post 1900 environment has been a take over by super rich Baphomets or corporations, zionists bankers, jews mass media and academia liars and thus creating an integrated unit ei Canada post with Via rail and a bank, hotel, post office and new technologies like entertainment but more importantly robo taxis and new robotic helicopters and air craft that are already in flight and priced cheaper than taxis.

The actual Mulroney era featured a surprise crimes of open borders while past poverty related to past crimes of academia and media and top tier Canadian wealthy plus > City of London > Kilergi Kovenov is a plan adopted in 1925 to breed out white people and it includes control of media and academia so false statistics are printed by Statistics Canada. Starting with a mass murderer of Eisenhower who starved to death million to 2 million German POW’s created the highway system at extreme annual subsidies with never a profit. The street cars were attacked first by FD Rosevelt and later GM and Exxon or Rockfeller which greatly hurt the Afro American communities which means jews will attack the man of colour and then blame the whites. The immigration follows a similar trend of a limitless pool of jewish money caused both wars having gained 8 trillion from the German people in both wars & Weimar age. The starvation of Germany during and before Versailles by naval blockade killing millions and jews bought up antiques and real assets and silver etc as well as using starvation and theft of trillion in patents and 14 million by starvation which was to maximize looting and sex rape by allies troops. Thus immigration is used when bankers did the same as the war was to decolonize for jewish owned corporations and IMF and blame and bill only western nations yet international banking cartels and super rich families wealth and income are far greater than western governments making the race divide conquer a means of murder ei crime incitement as jews own the media and music academia and 50 % of republican and democrat 80 % plus the entire rock and roll industry.

Most of us read opinion articles and can easily say a completely different take as the entire media academia complex is jewish owned and is not a commercial but rather a war system for occult jewish billionaires and it is to kill first whites then other races while CIA and limited wars by pervert Kissinger see Brice Tylor book the ” transformation of America ” . The jewish oligarchs and the gentile acolytes are pedophiles and the Trudeau family is mentioned by Brice Taylor and in ” a warrior calls ” on bitchute but also David Hawkins on u tube on ” the Piggy Palace Good Times Society ” David finds Justin Trudeau which is likely Castros son was a room mate with a huge sex slavery dealership. The wars are not just for antique lifting but also a massive sex & organ trade global wars have a clique in Switzerland and London & Jerusalem now Bibi Netanyahu & Washington & New York. Their again is an attempt by the establishment has African conflicts and who as both a unaddressed. The organ and blood and meat trade with underage is for Satanic Rituals where the elite can talk to evil spirits who are the wolves and goats elites, ZOG zionists and jews and Rabbis and the rich & jewish acolytes like the classic low IQ according to witnesses General Colin Powell who was low quality and was a guy who learned Yiddish and worked for jews as a youth a total Shabot goy and a massive testimony against affirmative action. They clearly exploited Colins colour. They could have had a plan for the UN speech decades earlier or had a group like him reserved for wars. The wars, bribery and excessive wealth concentration and choice of an roads and truck model over trains and transit > the means is make life in southern nations unliveable to drive refugees to the west. US and Canadian army intervention in Somalia is such a means. Refugees seem to follow intervention especially NATO.

Or as wages fell due to 1970’s open borders and increased public and private foreign aid and unemployment increased so grants went up to private concerns especially in eastern Canada. The trade and more favours to road users the article mentions reducing subsidies to all transport modes but only passenger rail is hit conservatives are prodigious liars and promise breakers far worse than leftists. The statists agencies were hiding falling standards of living and 1960’s was a ” war by deception ” from all systems the Gulf of Tonkin > see Jay Dyer on the 1960’s and CIA drug dealing and 40 000 murders of Vietnamese leaders the hippie movement was CIA designed to trick conservative anti war protesters and make the anti war movement look weird and ugly and dangerous & occult to middle America. CIA is simply a Wall Street mercenaries linked to M16 and Mossad. Early abuse of the third world was intentional from transnational oil and mining companies to the IMF, to funders of guerrilla wars and rebellions and counter productive foreign aid that is aid increases like the refugees foreign suffering and corruption and violence. CIA ruined Jamaica which was figuring it out and the murder of Bob Marley. The government is simply allowing extreme abuses and by sopping up the mess it makes matters worse. Suffering the wealthy causes feeds the entities they worship and the David Icke and others finds that evil spirits existed and interbred with people and the elite occultists is actually talking to his ancestors which is the religion of ancestor worship. The ancient entities ate people and built huge stone monuments.


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