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Trudeau is Wasting Funds Abroad on Billionaire Driven Wars.

The nations political class is obviously compromised and perhaps the entire process after extreme failure of 120 years of wars from Boer to great wars to the fraud of Cold War one where secret subsidies came in from Wall Street as well as 100 of billions in gifts to Soviets during world war 2 and in 2 weeks Sir Winston Churchill flipped to the Cold War from uncle Joe. Trudeau goes after the UK appointed chrypto jewish Saudi Arabia but leaves the far worse human rights abusing nation Israel over vast stolen land plus the vast 40 billion the zionists steal from US poor people. The clue that Cold War 2.0 is a fraud is Israel is really working hard maintaining good relations with China and Russia. The TruCastro will not talk about the massive pro Zionist lobbies pushing for wars in Ukraine and continued aid to Israel despite extreme American poverty with homeless in the millions but does that show up in big parties speeches. An honest politician would shut down foreign aid and refugee costs and the billionaires and zionist billionaires are so rich they can over welfare the entire globe. Over welfare is excess welfare causing laziness.

We have to remember that TruCastro is so hated as I Listened to Trish Wood from an RCMP officer is when Tru moves police with guns and bullets in chamber are around with precautionary shoot to kill orders. It is interesting that dictators Canada had a hand in murdering along with millions of their citizens plus our own citizens death ( early deaths by poverty ) by austerity to fund wars with 100 billion spent but the army covered up and lied about the war cost stating 18 billion. What is interesting is Momar Quadaffi, Adolph Hitler > germans had gun rights but jewish $$ historians lied > Weimar Republic tried to take them, Syria Bashar Al Assad all have far less security than TruCastro. It is because those leaders were popular. While western leaders need strong walls and super well trained cops and probably security who honed themselves murdering for Swiss mining companies in Africa or Latin America before they guard the president. Our leaders have been following an occult or secret war path for decades with blips like Kennedy which was a zionist take over. The western leaders are heavily guarded inaccessible with very little exposure to real Canadians. They are hated. The great Mossad motto “By way of deception we shall wage war. ” does fit a political class that not only spends and wages war inappropriately but also has secret war agencies CIA and FBI. The US elections are stolen and the anti white nature of Wall Street and Washington is so bad the people should pool their cash and work with foreign enemies. Makes no difference as all wars were lies General Smedley Buttler. The Spanish American war was essentially to force gambling and prostitution into Cuba and killed 200 000 Philippinos and created a telephone tax. America as a zionist nation somehow has to say it does not hate non whites but the fact nations and corporations live for centuries makes the death of leaders and replacement of leaders impossible to flip morality. Thus standard oil and GM which caused the street cars to be destroyed which afro Americans like cannot suddenly change to being a friend of the African American since it is a living being but not necessarily ruled by any one man.


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