Descendants of Whalers Turned Harvard and Yale Into Lying Voice of Death Cults.

The blatant hypocrisy a word or versions mentioned 17 times in the bible. Includes the migrant are kept out of banker head quarters Israel and Switzerland. A great plague the the oligarchy is the war on terror patriot act and includes billions spent to spy using the internet through Peter Theil and the president said it was to avoid an alt right or white confederacy. But while listening to a system called > speak free radio the Epoch times man advertisement was for confidentiality of internet services based in Switzerland. Swiss also have many referendums or votes on issues rather than the ludicicious folly of congress where corruption is 8 years a congress a family makes 100 million plus the cost of the lobbies or lobbyists as high priced lawyers add to prices which those below upper class pay. Thus multiple referendums allow people to vote down open borders or social engineering or bail outs or wars or excessive military spending or privatized money creation versus commodity back currency all can be voted on. Israel expelled black Ethiopian jews yet missionaries and traders and colonists and soldiers have found tribes all over Africa that have customs and religions and diet prohibitions and priesthoods very similar to Leviticus with Africans dressed like Hebrew priests acting as guides. Thus the leadership has negative attitudes to the different colour the word racism was created during the Soviet jewish run massacres and is designed to energize or call the war drums of the evil spirits. The sounds of nephilum voices can often cause illness thus words or names work thus the word has real power. Also Swiss and Isreal have no need for affirmative action yet jews push it here getting more jewish every year and forbidding gentile immigration. Should a group preach a less white representation when they don’t give charity, and have a press and academic, music, movie big tech & pharma monopoly and are always hiring their own group. The salary claim of 8 % a year from 1980 to 2010 for executives yet the claim of labour shortage and the markets are no longer in charge of most pay or values.

Evidence of high intelligence is the dolphin can recognize itself in a mirror by observing divers they realized our hands were skilled enough to take out fish hooks and they had to have evidence of divers not wanting to be predators as sharks often unsuccessfully prey on cetaceans. An ecological and death cult crime that cost the lives of 24 000 killers by 1865. The vessels were destroyed by fires and storms > The fishermen who Jesus approached can read the skies and the storm was a murder attempt Mathew 8 vs 22 to 25 also in Enoch chapt 69 which means the murder of enemies. The good guys are the sea spirits as the plankton needs whale poop as a vital miracle of God life force. The war or violence West Point is close by the sword and shield described in Enoch chapt 60 vs 6 is Gadreel is a Satan and their are 5 Satan ‘s. Another fallen angel is called Penemue who taught letters the law contracts and thus the law and literature which takes in 1 000 ‘s of students in Yale and Harvard and uses them for evil. Lies are an art taking tremulous intellect thus the need for university services for war propaganda.

Abortion is human sacrifice which is why a fallen angel Kasdeja engineered ancient abortion vs 12 spirits around for meal vs 12 which explains the location of a Morgantaller ex concentration camp slave. The British anti Catholic Henry 8 closed the monasteries welfare, organic medicine, health care and crime soared due to Henry 8 closing the monasteries or the 2008 bailout and explosion of western poverty earth and crime. Thus the vagabond or street person is a sign from God that the devils female evil spirits rule your society and Jubilee 10 the most evil spirits of the ancient giants and animal hybrids are underneath locked up. The Quebec nation where Montreal has homelessness and poverty is Henry Morgantau Jr wanted to genocide Christian Germany and Senior used the anti Christian Masonic and jewish driven genocide of Armenia and Israel supplied the weapons against todays Armenia. The camps made the machine gun and bleeding releases resources or materials spirits harness. Best blood is youth, vegan and the human sacrifice is best skinny, purity as animals especially ocean fish concentrate toxins in the blood. Henry and scientists found whales had elaborate strategies to avoid whaling ships significantly greater than mere distance communications of their sound voices that can travel for 1 000 of miles under water.

I noticed here the 4 Henry is words release energy and the migrants come from catholic Latin America where their labour services are more needed or such economies need more labour or soldiers as a ratio of employment category and the migrant comes here. They lose their faith like the intentional ruining by crimes of top tier corporations in the global south and the CIA and another zionist Elliot Abrams did the violence in Latin America and murdered priests and nuns and the cocaine. Henry a name or marshal energy of the dark unseen realms to destroy the catholic or true cross. My veganism means I am partial to vegan artists like the lady Kate Bush whose family has occult roots. Some of her words Experiment 5 ” from the painful cries of mothers and the terrifying screams ” making a weapon to destroy by sound. Or how or where did the tremendous energy of the turning 3 911 powers to dust and cars blew up miles away. That energy the louche energy which was used of torture and starvation, poverty , the war can build stone pyramids and temples with a life force greater when pre flood man lived 1 000 years the power of slow drain was greater than the torturer done in modern wars. All these wars are pushed by Harvard and Yale liars in their think tanks. And Harvards role in media and big pharma . The whaling industry produced riches due to risk and orphans the children going to university and business bought . Orphans or poor upbringing can be exploited by military and the Rhodes scholar system which included Bill Clinton. President Richard Nixon siad East coast liberals were ruining America.

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