The Wars We Send Our Sons to Fight for The Devil Named Gog.

The God Culture video provides the reference base and the demand by the spirit world caused the cover up by western scholars of the Philippine connection to God and the land of gold and pearls > gates of pearl in the new Jerusalem their other videos can explain. Always Christian since Noah like the French Canadian martyrs where Gen Wolfe > Jesus is the good shepherd > Gen Wolfe burnt farm houses along the Saint Lawrence creating starvation as the seige of Louisburg in cape Breton, and the deportation of the Acadians ( death by starvation and disease ) to New Orleans Louisiana. The Gog as a angel hybrid has a physical need for innocent, youthful blood and death and louche energy ( from human suffering. Humanity are sheep by Psalm 23 and intellect is outmatched by near complete knowledge of history and psychology of angel – animal and angel human hybrids who have 600 IQ from Stephan Quayle to the fallen angels 2 000 IQ. The smarter one thinks oneself is the easier one is deceived by man or evil spirit and over estimation of intelligence causes people to not question of lying system and press, and people hang on to lies despite incoming debunking facts. Another great truther is Larouche, and Denis wise on radio Albion and on bitchute.

All wars have an occult system of starvation of civilians often slaying more civilians by this mode as Yemen also starved by Saudi, Britain, US, wars today. The literature on the third eye and Kundilni awakening yoga prescribes 1 starvation and or , veganism – animal products multiply toxins by 10 & the animal feed is produced on lower standards, mediation. These deeds also are part of connecting by audio or thought vision or touch to the evil spirits. The actuality of wars after the Rothschild which is why the media is ZOG ( gentile does not want its own dead & reap what one sows ) and academia also a direct advice and material aid of CIA, and institution like the Chatham house, & endless number of social science research organizations. The reason for extensive links are the ZOG or jewish editor to owner does not go to public schools and thus their words or lies and cover ups will seem quickly absurd or nonsensical if a gentile who lives our lives has the experience base of being a gentile to craft the lies. Gentile life is more dangerous & the jewish parent tries to protect their child from the social engineering or porn gay & trans & violent & video games and globalist propaganda aimed at our children. No press hires exclusive jews or the product will be laughable. The jew gentile and jew mason link part of an as above is below or jew & gentile is crossbreed fallen angel & witch.

Humanity as a food source of evil spirits and actual material to create clothes & accessories when high which is entering the next dimension a grave yard of past Gog victims. As Alleister Crowley says in his occult writings ” the book of the law ” 1909 the ideal sacrifice is a male child age 8 high intelligence & in lean shape. Thus the war victims of Gog include women and children. British imperialism is also an abuser of its own sailors and soldiers with servers discipline and brainwashing from cat o nine tails, keel hauling, confinement to ships for years & on and on and abuse of veterans or the homeless veteran as a desire to end life early and suffering or louche energy. British soldiers and Canadian soldiers obedience is by terror and small carrot ( promotion can lead to a job assignment that is distasteful the passing of orders the Iraq war featured abuse of civilians for an intended back lash to raise casualties for Iraq to be rid of people for greater Israel.

The British army used 100 000 to 200 000 troops to starve 5.2 million and Christopher Fogerty book ” the perfect genocide ” also a non staff academic. Academia never exposes corporate or government crimes and taxes that go to universities pay to destroy the common people. Christopher also exposes the cover ups and how ” university history tried to accommodate it. Sadly the u tube is except for Christopher states the old 1.1 million. Essentially Britain genocide was aimed at an entire class of Irish peasants and all their knowledge and artifacts are gone.

The Boer wars targeting of civilians populations by burning farm houses and then starving the 28 000 women and children was for human sacrifice and gold looting. The objective was the to make the senior officers as in Lord Kitchener & Churchill & the poet propagandist John Mc Rea into the traitors and psychopaths who would send millions to their death in WW 1. To encounter underweight women with hungry children in rags begging & infested with lice etc is to the modern western citizens something that could bring nightmares or PDST. The modern psychiatrist also raises odds of his mental illness by working with anorexics. The desire to wage war on Christians and then starve populations is clear from the bible book job is health destroying allows contact with spirits who eat the lean breath of the starving as breath has different micro chemicals based on what one eats. To do a ritual is to contact the spirit world and the war system thus forces the civilians to do rituals starvation to connect with spirits. Evil spirits words and visual contact are the best way to convince people to reject Jesus. The anorexics today see in real vision themselves fat and are urged to starve by spirits more clever than our 150 IQ plus 10 university years professionals.

The last hurrah was Germany with mass rapes and 15 million dead by starvation and terror bombing with the necessity for people to listen to David Irving some are the 2 weeks around D day 30 000 French civilians died and German army discipline protected the occupied civilians but when allied soldiers came rapes sky rocketed along with looting civilians. My family and the German state had 100 million in mostly useless today hunting guns etc, stolen. The plunder of war civilians is a huge part of the antique and jewelry trade.

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