Occult Values Now Openly Promoted.


Witchcraft is very attractive to women and includes the modern pharmaceutical firms. It also includes the fake germ theory and occult practices of the east like Yoga. Susan Vega a Buddhist has a video ” the soldier and the Queen ” > often the queen as in Elizabeth 1 are witches as despite economic growth poverty grew in Elizabeth reign. The henry 8 to Elizabeth saw after the plunder of the monasteries massive growth in poverty and violence and the rich used weapons soldiers to escape the violence. Occult rulers believe in wars and violence as their gods can use it and Britain’s also is behind famines from India 4 million 1943 to 1945 to Ireland Christopher Fogerty 5.2 million using 100 000 to 200 000 redcoats. Or the Boer war 28 000 women and children starved and Germany Nov 11 to July 1919 using British and Canadian navy killing 900 000 Germans killed by starvation and 12 to 16 million Germans killed in 1945 to 1953 including 1 to 2 million POW’s by Eisenhower. The starvation is to make the victims see evil spirits and to destroy belief in other faiths and replace Christian faith and muslim faith with worship of spirits which starvation makes easy contact with spirits who consume lean human flesh as a choice food. Veganism also attracts spirits as they dislike the environmental toxic build up from meat eating. The spirits like the vax and pharmacea which the germ theory promotes yet far less infections from veganism proves opposite ei terrain theory. The terrain theory says the sickness is due to malnutrition and or toxic buildup.

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